Oh Captain! My Captain!




This week we had wonderful presentations from Willow Class, where each child considered and explained what they would do to be a worthy school captain. The competition was tough and very close. Well done everyone for having the courage to stand up and take part- you were all very impressive! We are delighted to announce that this year’s School’s Captains and Vice Captains are: Lola, Louis, Cam and Lilia- We look forward to working with you; the list is getting longer already!




Hot Chocolate Friday!

Roald Dahl got it right when he said, ‘A Little Nonsense Now and Then is Relished by the Wisest Men!’ There was definitely a little bit of nonsense at our Hot Chocolate session this morning; perfect with a spoonful of giggles!

Roald Dahl Day

What a fantastic day of all things Dahl. The children looked amazing all dressed up and there were lots of Roald Dahl themed activities taking place around the school.

Mr Leonard set up a range of themed activities for lunch and break time. We had ‘Mrs Trunchbull’s Shotput‘, ‘Climb the Giraffe’s’ Neck‘, ‘The BFG dream catching‘  and ‘Augustus Gloop gets stuck in the Hoop‘.

Music To Our Ears!

What a great assembly we had today from ‘Music for Schools’. We were shown a range of instruments the children could learn, some children even got the chance to try some.

Please come along on Monday 16th September at 3.20pm to find out more!


The return of Forest After School Club

Thank you to all the children who wanted to attend After School Forest and congratulations to the lucky 12 who were chosen. There will be more chances during the year for everyone to have a turn, we are just delighted that Forest School has become such a big part of school life at Little Hadham. Tonight really was a night of amazing climbing. Requests have been made for den making challenges, cooking, whittling, and fire lighting in future weeks – watch this space!

A Lovely Catch Up!

How lovely to get back to having hot chocolate with the children. It was great to catch up with all their news from the summer.


Leavers BBQ


Oh what a night… cooking, sports and a little bit of water! What a lovely end to such a great year. We just want to wish all of our wonderful Year 6 children the very best for their start at secondary school. We are very proud, not just of their achievements, but the kind and caring citizens that they have become. We know they will go on to lead positive and successful lives.

Sports Day..

Sports Day

Thankfully the weather changed and what a glorious day it turned out to be. Sorry for the change of plans but we can’t control the weather!! Some great determination and resilience from all and well done to the Green team for their achievement!

Golden Afternoon…

Great fun had by all during our Golden Afternoon; well done everyone for organising and creating such fabulous opportunities for our children. Another great success!

Pinocchio comes to Little Hadham…

What a wonderful performance, children were chosen and rehearsed into their parts while the rest of the audience were taught the choruses of four songs. There was certainly a lot of laughter, singing and clapping to be heard- what a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

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