Hot Chocolate Time Again!

Fridays come round very quickly. I do love the chance to have a chat with the children over our hot chocolate and biscuits.

Fab afternoon in the sun!

After a bit more revision it’s definitely time for some games and fun!

Yoga to calm the nerves!

What a great way to start the day; now we are ready for anything!

Early Breakfast… Yum Yum!

Year 6 arrived full of chat and excitement saying this is the best week ever… kids love tests; who knew?

Hot Chocolate Friday!

Lots of stories and laughter at this week’s Hot Choc, well done to all who have tried hard to earn this treat!

Forget Little Mix…Little Hadham pupils have the moves!

Oh what a night…Well done to everyone for making such a big effort to make this night certainly a night to remember. Great music and even better dancing; wow these kids have got the moves… like Jagger! And yes, even us adults couldn’t resist the odd boogie or rock the boat in some cases!

Hot Chocolate and a guest!

It seems even the Chair of Governors likes a hot chocolate treat: think the stories told is what really brought the smile to his face!


Where in the world…?

Lovely to see so much geography competition this morning, it certainly made us adults think!



What a spectacular Science Week

What a great science week we have had! There have been investigations taking place in every classroom.

The science dome was fantastic and the children were amazed by what they saw. They were also intrigued by how the sound travelled in it making it sound like the people opposite them where actually next to them.


Some classes were egg-stremely lucky and had the egg-citement of watching chicks hatch.

Friday’s finale with Fab Science was enjoyed by children and staff alike.

Thank you to everyone involved in the organising and planning of the week.

Hot Chocolate Friday

What a treat to catch up with what all these children had been up to over the Easter holidays – and I got to drink hot chocolate too!

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