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Ofsted Reports

We were inspected by Ofsted in June 2014. Please read the report below.

Ofsted Inspection Report

Exam and Assessment Results

Key Stage 2

This is based on KS2 SATs tests taken in May 2017.
There were 20 pupils in the cohort so each pupil represents 5%.
5 pupils were on the SEND Register.
This year, the children were assessed as either reaching Age Related Expectations (A.R.E.) or not.


Little Hadham



Reading (test)




Average progress score


(-3.3 to 2.3)



Average scaled score




% Expected standard or above




Writing (TA)




Average progress score

(-6.1 to -0.7)



% Expected standard or above




GPS (test)




Average scaled score




% Expected standard or above




Maths (test)




Average progress score

(-1.2 to +3.8)



Average scaled score




% Expected standard or above




RWM combined




% Expected standard or above




Science (Teacher Assessment) - 80%

Current attendance % at July 17 is 96%.

Key Stage 1

This is based on Teacher Assessment supported by KS1 SAT tests.

There were 18 pupils in this cohort so each child represents 5.5%.
This year, the children were assessed as either reaching Age Related Expectations (A.R.E.) or not. The school was externally moderated in June 2017.

Subject Herts National L.H.
Reading 79%   78%
Writing 71%   44%
Maths 77%   72%
Year 1 Phonics Test

93% passed the test.

Performance Tables

School Performance Tables 2016


Please refer to the Curriculum page in the Learning section of the website for further details.

PDF file British Values Statement (145KB)

Behaviour Policy

PDF file Behaviour Statement (48KB)

PDF file Behaviour (191KB)

Complaints Procedure

PDF file Complaints (6.22MB)

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is a Government initiative that targets extra money at pupils from challenging backgrounds and they have use the entitlement to Free School Meals as an indicator and have developed a funding formula in support of this. For more information, please follow the link below.

PDF file Pupil Premium Action Plan 2017-18 (68KB)

PDF file Pupil Premium Action Plan 2016-17 (68KB)

PE and Sport Premium

PDF file Sports Premium Action Plan 2017-18 (68KB)

PDF file Sports Premium Action Plan 2016-17 (136KB)

PDF file Sports Premium Action Plan Interim Review March 17 (139KB)

For further information on the Sports Premium, please see under 'Sport'.

Special Educational Needs (SEND) and Disability

PDF file SEND (115KB)

PDF file SEND Core Offer(151KB)

PDF file SEND Information Report

PDF file Accessibility (93KB)

Please also see our Support Strategies page.

Governors’ Information

Please see our Governors Roles/Responsibilities page

Charging and Remissions Policy

PDF file Charging (57KB)

Vision, Values and Ethos

At Little Hadham Primary School, we believe in providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which everyone feels supported and challenged to achieve their full potential.’ Vision Statement.

PDF file Vision, Values and Ethos (135KB)

Annual Finance Report

PDF fileFinancial Report 2016-17 (15KB)

PDF fileFinancial Report 2015-16 (15KB)

Equality Statement
Little Hadham Primary School will take steps to advance equality of opportunity, foster good relations and eliminate discrimination or harassment across all the protected characteristics (age, race, gender, gender identity or reassignment, disability, marriage and civil partnership, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation) within the school community.
May 2017

Requests for paper copies

Paper copies of the information on this website can be provided free of charge. Contact the school office on 01279 77185.