Maple Class

Maple Class this year comprises of our Year 4 pupils and our younger Year 5 children. The children enjoy contributing their ideas to their learning. Once again, work is differentiated according to ability but we also encourage the children to set their own challenge through a Growth Mindset approach.

Below are this term's topics.


PDF file Curriculum Letter - Spring 2018 (338KB)

PDF file Topic Overview - Spring 2018 (241KB)

PDF file Curriculum Letter - Autumn 2017 (569KB)

PDF file Parents Planning - Autumn 2017 (120KB)

PDF file PG Film permission - Autumn 2017 (344KB)

PDF file Reading Guide - Autumn 2017 (204KB)



PDF file Curriculum Letter - Summer 2017 (92KB)

PDF file Topic Overview - Summer 2017 (213KB)

PDF file Parents and Planning - Summer 2017 (51KB)