Forest School

The Ethos of our Forest Sessions at Little Hadham Primary School...

Forest School is an approach to learning where everyone can succeed. It originated in Scandinavia and was introduced in to the UK in the 1990s. The aim is to help each child to learn in their own way, raising self-esteem and increasing self-confidence through hands-on experience in an inspirational, natural outdoor setting. At the moment, we are ensuring that our children have regular visits to the forest/wood, where they participate in a sustained programme of child initiated learning, oppportunities and games, while our staff gain the necessary qualifications to become forest practioners.


In the year 2000, the pupils of Little Hadham Primary School were very much involved in the planting and development of the 'Millennium Wood' locally, off Millfield Lane. This term, our Year 4 pupils have been visiting the wood for their Forest Sessions and are really enjoying have such a wonderful wood to explore!


On May 24th 2017, we held 'An Evening in the Forest' event where families could come along to the Millennium Wood and experience a wide range of forest school skills for themselves. Children found 'Boggle Snot' and made it in to beautiful bracelets. They even found a 'Boggle Egg'!

Cooking Sausages

The older children cooked marshmallows and sausages on the open fire and they even had a chance to use a forest fire-lighter safely to set light to'fairy pillows'! Using their knife skills, they were shown how to whittle correctly and carefully, so that they could create a sharp stick to pop a marshmallow on to!