S.C.E.M.A. Network

In 2007, Little Hadham Primary School established the Stortford Talented and Gifted Enrichment Network (S.T.A.G.E) for the provision for Able, Gifted and Talented pupils in the Bishops Stortford Network. It is has recently been rebranded as S.C.E.M.A., which stands for Stortford Challenge and Enrichment for the More Able.

Thinking CapEach half term, an Enrichment Day is organised to bring together specific age pupils from schools across the network to work together in a subject area where they show particular strength/talent. These may be primary or secondary specialist teacher led. We have also commissioned outside providers to lead Enrichment Days .e.g. SETPOINT.

Similarly, Little Hadham hosts a Staff Meeting each half term across the network for sharing good practice, national agenda updates and key focus training. Staff find this very informative and helps keep everyone informed on the latest pedagogy in provision for more able pupils.

In recognition of the success of the original STAGE Network, our headteacher, Mrs Liz Stockley, was nominated as a ‘County Gifted and Talented Champion.’ The school was also awarded accreditation as an official ‘Challenge Centre’ for ‘Excellence East’ in 2011.

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