Support Strategies

Little Hadham Primary School has highly experienced teachers and teaching assistants in supporting children with additional needs. Over time, the school has established strong links with Outside Agencies for learning/behavioural support.

Having received staff training, the school is a ‘Dyslexia Friendly School’ and has close links with the local SpLD Base at Thorley Hill. It receives regular staff training opportunities as well as pupil focussed visits for support.

The Headteacher, as Inclusion Co-ordinator, has a wealth of experience in working with special needs and meets regularly with other Special Needs Co-ordinators and specialists for regular updates and sharing of good practice.

The school also arranges specific focus meetings to support parents of children with special needs, as appropriate. It can also signpost parents to the Speech and Language Learning Centre on Wednesday afternoons at the local hospital.

Additional Support for children can be grouped in Waves.

Wave 1

Quality first teaching available for all pupils in Literacy and Numeracy. This is met through effective differentiation in the daily lesson.

Wave 2

Additional support programmes for small group work. E.g.



Springboard is a catch-up programme for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The materials focus on key areas of number. They provide additional tuition for small groups of children outside the daily mathematics lesson, focussing on maths topics covered during the class lesson. Staff tend to adapt materials, as approriate.


Phonological Awareness Training (P.A.T)

This is a programme to support pupils with spelling. We have developed our own style of P.A.T in accordance with progression in Letters and Sounds.

Pre-teaching objectives in small groups prior to the lesson is another strategy used to support our learners.

Wave 3

Tends to be more for individual pupil support. This can be through a wide variety of strategies and resources. E.g.


Wave 3 Maths

The Wave 3 mathematics materials aim to enable children who are working at levels significantly below age-related expectations, to secure the mathematical understanding they need to increase their rate of progress. The materials provide a series of short, focused teaching activities that tackle fundamental errors and misconceptions that may be holding them back. Once again, they tend to be Number specific.
Numbershark is a software program for additional maths support. Other maths programs/online activities may also be introduced.


Write Words

This is just one strategy suggested by our local SpLD Base to support phonics and spelling for those pupils who are working below their peers. Pupils have a bank of key words that they are introduced to on a regular basis and, as they become confident in one word, then a new word replaces it and so on.

Clicker 6

This is a software program which can be specifically personalized to support pupils with reading as required.


Wordshark is a software program for additional literacy support. Other literacy programs/online activities may also be introduced.

It is most likely that if pupils require Wave 3 support, there would be intervention from an Outside Agency to offer further ideas and support.

SEND Core Offer

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SEND Code of Practice 2014

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