Emergency Closures

In the event of possible school closure due to bad weather conditions or for reasons outside of
our control, the following systems will be in place.

  1. The school class pyramids will be set in operation by 7am.
  2. A message should be posted on the Noticeboard section on the home page of the school
  3. A text will be distributed via Teachers2Parents through LHPS.
  4. Wherever possible, an email message will be posted via the admin email address.
  5. A message will be posted on BBC Three Counties Radio on 90.4FM or
  6. The school mobile will be in operation from 7am. (07890203677)
  7. The school answerphone cannot be changed remotely and would continue to have the same
    standard message.
  8. School closures can be found on www.hertsdirect.org using the ‘Severe Weather’ drop
    down box.
  9. Finally, if you are in any doubt at all, please do not put yourselves at risk.