Parent Council

Terms of Reference for Parent Council

  1. The Parent Council of Little Hadham Primary School is designed to offer parents a positive and supportive voice.
  2. Each Class has a nominated parent representative on the Parent Council.
  3. Each Parent Councillor is responsible for creating and distributing their respective Class Emergency Telephone Pyramid. This should consist of consented home/mobile telephone contact numbers only.
  4. Parent Councillors may be called upon to help by their class teacher with a range of activities, such as display, filing etc. and this may differ from class to class.
  5. Parent Councillors may be asked to pass on information to their respective parents e.g. Class Parties, school trips, information etc.
  6. Parent Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month- at 9am for EYFS parents and for main school parents and refreshments will be made available.
  7. The Parent Council is also a supportive way of meeting new parents in an informal setting.
  8. Parent Councillors will make a written note of any general queries or concerns raised in the monthly meeting and feed these back to the Headteacher, either electronically via the school admin email address or in written form.
  9. The Parent Council meetings are not the forum for more personal concerns and these should be shared directly with the relevant staff member in accordance with school procedure.
  10. Feedback from these meetings will be given through the Head’s newsletter following the meeting.