The School Day

Children are supervised on the playground from 8.45 am onwards by a member of staff in a yellow reflective jacket. The Sports Apprentice may also be running a Warm Up Club before school. The ‘Get Ready’ bell is rung at 8.55 am and children line up on their class line, on the playground, ready to be led in by their class teacher. Registration is from 9.00 am until 9.10 am.  Children arriving after this time must notify the School Office on arrival and will be marked as ‘Late’. This may then be recorded as an Unauthorised Absence.

Saplings (Early Years Foundation Stage 1) - Sessions are each morning from 9.00 – 12 noon. Children should be taken directly to the Early Years Unit at 9 am by their parent/carer who should return to the Unit at the end of the session to collect their child. Parents should follow the same procedure for absence and delegating another person to collect their child, using the pupil collection code.

In Ash and Beech Classes the children leave school at 3.00 pm.

In Lime, Maple and Willow Classes the children leave school at 3.15 pm.

Lunchtime is from 12 noon – 1.00pm (Ash and Beech) and 12.15 pm- 1.15pm (Lime-Willow). The children in Ash and Beech have their lunch first in the dining hall. 

There is a daily Saplings Lunch Club from 12-1pm for our Nursery pupils.

The School runs a daily Breakfast Club (B 4 9 Club) from 7.45 – 8.45 am which is open to all Little Hadham pupils. See Office for further details.  An early drop off facility is also available from 8.25 am (no food).

If you need to collect your child for any reason during the school day, you will be required to sign your child out at the Office.                                         

At the End of the Day

At the end of the school day, children are brought to the Main Entrance by their class teacher and will not be released until the parent/carer is seen. Please notify the school in advance should you delegate another person to collect your child. A 'password' system is in use in the Early Years and Key Stage 1. Similarly, please notify the Office if you may be late in collecting your child. Any child not collected will be asked to wait outside the Office and should be collected from there.

After School Clubs arrange their own systems for collection.