Our week started with performing an Easter poem! We practised reading aloud and worked in groups to perform verses with expression and clarity, gestures or movements. On Tuesday, we read another poem, discussed the features of the poems and compared them. As a result, we wrote our own Easter Garden or Easter Cross poems! We definitely impressed with the sets of rhyming words and our wonderful verses!

In Maths, we worked on decimals with up to three decimal places. In Art, we followed instructions, practised blending and mixing colours and created beautiful tulips – our Easter tulips, which symbolise spring and new life!

On Wednesday, we participated in the online meeting of the Erasmus+ ‘Cinderella-Discovering values’ project and made our school proud – once again: we presented powerpoint presentations with the Easter traditions in UK and the Easter symbols and their meaning. It was lovely to see almost all children volunteering to present to our partner schools.

In PE, our pupils worked on team games and presented their amazing dance routine to their parents on Monday!



Have a lovely Easter break!