In English this week, we have started to read the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We started the week looking at the main character, Max, and we thought about all the different things that Max could be thinking, as his bedroom is transforming. We then looked at a picture from the book and wrote descriptive sentences – we even included personification, similes and alliteration. We then thought about our own fantasy settings and we made a 3D setting, which we then used to write our own version of a setting description.



In music, we listened again to ‘No Place Like’ by Kerry Andrew. We discussed the musical terms ‘dynamics’ and ‘pitch’ and we used our voices and bodies to demonstrate our understanding of this. We were then silent for two minutes to listen carefully to the sounds around us, and created a soundscape. We discussed how some sounds were loud and soft, and we tried to describe the pitch of other sounds. We were so quiet that we could even hear our neighbour’s pencil  writing on their page!


On Friday, we enjoyed taking part in many Coronation themed activities. We enjoyed a delicious lunch with the rest of the school, and we even had a special guest arrive! We also made crowns using alien word jewels and Union Jacks filled with High Frequency Words.