This week, in English, we wrote a hotel advertisement. Our vocabulary was persuasive and impressive and we used inverted commas for the quotes.


In Maths, we are becoming experts in multiplying larger numbers using various written methods and revised our 7 and 9 times tables!

In RE, we explored the symbols of Christmas and their meanings. We also discussed how we celebrate Christmas in UK, in preparation for our online meetings with the partner schools next week!

In Computing, we analysed an email from an unknown travel agency. We discussed whether the email is trustworthy, highlighting suspicious requests and questions. Also, we talked about how to deal with spam emails.

In Science we have been learning about air resistance. We watched an investigation on the Moon where a hammer and feather were dropped. Because of the lack of air on the Moon, we saw that they fell at the same time! We designed and made three parachutes, only changing one thing about the design (e.g. size or shape of parachute, length of string or object attached to the parachute). We found out that the parachute that fell the slowest, had the greatest amount of air resistance.