This week, in English, we were journalists and wrote newspaper articles about the Big Bad Wolf, who got murdered by the three, little pigs. In court, the three little pigs had stated that they were acting in self-defence because Mr Wolf had previously destroyed two of their properties. They had added that they were defending their property and were taking precautions for their safety. The topic generated interesting discussions about whether the three, little pigs were innocent or guilty.

In Maths, we calculated fractions of amounts and quantities.

In Science, we recognised that levers and pulleys allow a smaller force to have a greater effect. We thought of machines that use levers and pulleys. We then worked in teams, followed instructions and created Lolly Stick Catapults.

In PSHE, we discussed some of the key risks of smoking; pupils then created inspiring posters.



In R.E. we explored Hindu worship in the mandir and evaluated what we have learned about Hindu worship at home and in the mandir.

We also joined another online meeting with our partner schools that focused on simple ways to protect our environment.

The meeting definitely inspired us, as we created colourful posters!

We have been working so hard and we are proud of our work! Have a lovely half term!