10th May – 14th May 2021

Back to Nature was the theme of Mental Health Week 2021.  In Lime class, the children discussed ways to get Back to Nature.  Eating your breakfast by the window, going for a walk and climbing a tree were just some of the ideas suggested.

Lime class listened well to each other in Yoga, as they took turns to ‘be the teacher’.

In English, Lime class have continued learning about figurative language.  The children made up some of their own similes and metaphors which were then used in King Arthur’s diary entry.

Not all of the children’s learning is at a desk.  Lime class enjoy ‘active learning’ too.

Viking bracelets, pins and chess pieces were closely looked at and sketched.  Then, using clay or Plasticine, the children made their sketched artifact.

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have learnt how to make a simple circuit and a switch.  This week, their new knowledge was applied to a greetings card.  They had to design, make the card and install their working bulb.