Our week started with solving riddles! Riddles are ancient word games, which were popular during Tudor times for entertainment and courting purposes. Maple class pupils shared ideas in their groups and it was quite impressive that they found the answers to some riddles – they were challenging!

In Maths, we worked on adding fractions with the same and different denominators and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, when necessary!

In preparation for our online meeting with the partner schools from the ‘Cinderella – Discovering values’ Erasmus+ project, our pupils wrote acrostic poems on Online Safety and learnt a song ‘Be Kind Online’ to perform to the pupils of the partner schools! The meeting took place on the Safer Internet Day 2022.

Our online meeting was a success; the children presented a presentation on Online Safety and they impressed with their song and knowledge of Online Safety! They also enjoyed watching the presentations of the pupils of partner countries; the Spanish school shared an interactive story with Cinderella to send their message on ‘Stranger Danger’!


In PE, on Tuesday, the children developed their control through balancing and discussed how the various PE activities helped them to improve their stamina, speed, co-ordination and control. On Monday, the Y5 pupils enjoyed their Dance sessions and further practised their skills!

In our science lessons, we learnt about the different states of water and the reversible processes that can occur. We looked at two investigations. In the first one, we had a bowl of warm water with cling film over the top and put two ice cubes on top of the cling film. We saw that the water started to evaporate and the water produced water droplets underneath the cling film called condensation. The ice cubes started to melt back to water. In the second investigation, Mrs Martin boiled water in a kettle. She placed a cold plate over the top of the water vapour, whereby condensation occurred and water droplets poured into a beaker. We used this fantastic knowledge and also learnt about the water cycle.




In music, we copied back melodies and rhythms using glockenspiels and then we had a go at improvising our own melodies in time with the music.  We sounded fantastic!



Hope you all have a lovely half term! See you all on Tuesday 22nd February – don’t forget your spag home learning, your times tables practice and your daily reading!