This week, we started reading the Secret Lake by Karen Inglis. In Maths, we revised written methods of multiplication and division and we learnt how to multiply fractions and mixed numbers.

In English we have spent time editing our spooky stories. We focused on identifying and adding expanded noun phrases and exploring different ways to start sentences.

On Tuesday, we celebrated the International Women’s Day and we learnt about Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp, who was a British nurse and the foundational philosopher of modern nursing. Our pupils created great fact files using many features of Microsoft Word.

In the Dance lesson on Monday, the children incorporated dance elements instructed by their Dance teacher and performed a range of dance movements.


In Science, we have identified the different teeth and recreated them using play dough.


Our children also made beautiful Easter cards for the partner schools in Croatia, Poland, Greece, Italy and Spain. They used their creativity and imagination and decorated them with bubble writing and Easter eggs in different colours, shades and patterns.