Welcome back!

Our new topic is called ‘Road trip to USA’. In this unit, we will explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple and we will use our map skills to navigate our way around some of its most famous landmarks. This week, we played a game, worked in small groups, named some states of USA and plotted them on maps. We then researched interesting facts about famous landmarks and places to visit in New York and presented our findingsĀ  to the class.









In Art, we used different techniques and various materials (acrylic paint and aluminium foil) to create a beautiful piece of work, called ‘Moonlight – with a million stars’! It linked with our previous Science unit, our Solar System.













We have been getting into the festive spirit and decorated our bags for the Christmas Bazaar and our Christmas designs, which were created using water colours, also look beautiful!








In Yoga, we performed different postures, such as the ‘dragonfly’ and the ‘dog’ ones.












In English, we wrote diaries following the successful visit of the teachers of our partner schools from Croatia, Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece. Our pupils impressed them with their beautiful manners and their positive attitudes to learning! Well done all!




In our forest session, we searched for treasure and built dens!


Hope you are all well. We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a lovely weekend.