Our week started with a scientific experiment. For our experiment, we used: one tray with flour and cocoa to represent the surface of Earth, balls of different sizes and weights to represent meteorites. We dropped them from the same height and measured the depth of the crater using rulers. Our conclusion was: The more a meteorite / ball weighs, the deeper the crater will be created, and the more dust, earth and rock will be scattered. The size of a meteorite can affect the diameter of the crater it leaves in the ground.

In English, we got inspired by the ‘Wolf in the Snow’, a wordless picture book by Matthew Cordell. Our instructional writing was full of noun phrases, modal and imperative verbs. We also started reading our class book, High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson.

In Maths, we recognised and found equivalent fractions. We then understood and showed fractions greater than one and converted improper fractions to mixed numbers.

In Art, we learned about Wassily Kandinsky and his work. We then worked on mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and creating different shades and tints using black and white. Our aim is to create abstract art, inspired by Kandinsky.

Have a lovely weekend, see you all on Monday! Don’t forget that we have a Learning Together Morning on Tuesday!