13.10.2023 Let’s skip to be fit!

This week, in History, we explored crime and punishment in the Victorian period. We then wrote diary entries in role of Oliver Twist, describing the horrible conditions in the workhouse that he lived in.

Following these amazing pieces of writing, in English, we wrote formal letters, persuading our audience that our homes are not the suitable places for evacuee children. Needless to say that we impressed with our formal tone and persuasive language.

In PE, on Tuesday, we worked in different teams and practised using the appropriate defensive technique for the situation. We are definitely improving in passing and receiving the ball. In our yoga session, we practised our ‘Sun Sequence’ positions and new positions such as the tiger, the sitting elephant and the flower ones. We look good, confident and calm! We then worked on our listening and concentration skills, while playing the Shark and the Rainstick games.

On Wednesday, we skipped and skipped and skipped… in order to be fit! Apparently, if we improve on our score, we are chicken nuggets, otherwise we are chicken dippers!

In science we learnt about the work of two famous naturalists; Sir David Attenborough and Carl Linneaus.  Sir David Attenborough, a beloved broadcaster and environmentalist, has impacted our understanding of the Earth’s biodiversity. His documentary series, including “The Blue Planet” and “Planet Earth,” have engrossed audiences with in-depth insights into the natural world. Beyond his documentaries, Attenborough has tirelessly advocated conservation and climate action, using his influence to raise awareness about environmental issues.  Carl Linnaeus invented a standardised way to name and classify living organisms, called taxonomy. Taxonomy is sorting animals and plants into groups based on their similarities. It’s a way to organise and name different species, starting with broad categories like mammals or birds and going down to specific ones like lions or eagles. It helps scientists study and understand the diversity of life.


In Art, we explored the work of other Pointillist artists. We then got inspired by the ‘Portrait of Felix Feneon’ (1890) and created our own version by combining colours, creating different patterns in each of the background sections, while making sure we use Pointillism. Lastly, we cut and stuck a silhouette of stitch and named and evaluated our piece of art! Yes: a stitch – you read that right! That was what the class asked for!

Mrs Sassis suggested a silhouette of Cinderella to be added but got no votes! She had to admit though that the outcome was purely beautiful! Selected pieces are already on display in our classroom.

Have a lovely weekend all.