15.12.2023 Be fair! Get inspired by our inspirational poems!


This week, we finished reading our class book ‘The Secret Lake’ by Karen Inglis. What an inspiring book and what amazing book reviews our children wrote! They included catchy titles and rhetorical questions in their introductions to engage their audience, they included brief summaries of the plot, talked about their favourite characters and parts as well as the morals of the book and they expressed what impressed them or made them tearful!

In our last reading session of this book, children used thesauruses and dictionaries to explain the meaning of some words and find synonyms and discussed their answers with reference to the text. Children definitely enjoyed this book – one of Mrs Sassis’ favourite ones!

In Geography, children had the opportunity to make advertising posters using Microsoft Word.  Following their research on continents, countries and cities, they made posters to persuade their audience to visit the capital city of their choice. So many to choose from! Children experimented with many features of Microsoft word, added pictures, wrapped the text around them, made their titles colourful and their texts persuasive! In their texts, children recommended traditional dishes to try and sights and famous landmarks to visit.



In PSHE, our objective was to develop an understanding of discrimination and its injustice, and describe this using examples. We watched a short film that showed people, who were being excluded from things. We discussed this unpleasant feeling of being left out or excluded. We then learnt about someone, who decided that they were not happy about the consequences of discrimination that they experienced in their life: Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks, “the mother of the civil rights movement,” fought against racial discrimination, when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white person. Our acrostic poems ‘Fairness’ were written to remind everybody to be fair, to be kind.

In our science lesson, we learned about how ponds are like communities, teeming with all sorts of living things. Frogs, insects, plants, and more, all coexisting and thriving in these habitats. We were given the hypothetical scenario that our local council wanted to drain our local pond.  To express why this shouldn’t happen, we were given a task: to write persuasive letters. We wrote about how ponds are not just random bodies of water but essential homes for various creatures. The letters weren’t just about the science; they were also about why ponds matter to us, our community, and the world around us.  We wanted to show that ponds aren’t just pretty to look at; they play a crucial role in keeping our local environment healthy.


On Friday, we enjoyed a festive Christmas lunch that was nothing short of delicious, courtesy of our incredible cooks. Their culinary skills truly made the occasion special and memorable.



Last Friday afternoon, we hosted an event called “Little Hadham’s Got Talent,” and we were genuinely impressed by the diverse array of talents on display. A big congratulations to everyone who participated, with a special shout-out to the exceptionally talented members of Maple Class!




Have a lovely weekend!