This week, in our English sessions, we used different sources to build a picture of events. We put ourselves in the place of a journalist in 1922 and produced amazing newspaper reports, including quotes from Howard Carter and from eyewitnesses at the scene!



In History, we looked at photos of, and information about, the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb. We considered what these artefacts and objects might tell us about the ancient Egyptians and the boy pharaoh. We then researched and made fact files of specific objects and presented them to the class.

In Maths, we practised adding decimal numbers with the same number or a different number of decimal places. We also investigated triangles and polygons using geoboards and straws.


In Geography, we created maps of Ancient Egypt.

In Art, we followed instructions and made beautiful postcards for the teachers of our partner schools. They will definitely be impressed with our ‘Cinderella’ quotes, when they receive them in 2 weeks.

We had a fabulous visit from Fab Science. We learnt all about density of liquids, how a liquid reacts with an acid and loved seeing and learning about dry ice.  Of course, we were so excited to see the mento and fizzy drink experiment!