Half term already?

The children have had an AMAZING and happy half term. They have been busy getting to know one another, our learning spaces and our routines. They are a friendly and compassionate bunch – a real joy to be with. We were very proud of the children who had their flu ‘sniff’ up their noses on Thursday – not an objection from any of them.

Thank you to you all for managing to come to our Parents’ Consultations last Wednesday. It is so good for us to be able to put faces to you all and of course for you to all meet us and see the Unit as well.

Tapestry has been well very received and looks as though it will be a great tool for us all as we learn to use it more and more. Thank you also for the great feedback on our website – it’s great to hear that so many of you are enjoying it!

Next half term we plan to have two Forest School sessions: Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings so the children will need to be prepared for both. As the weather grows colder we recommend more layers, rather that trying to squeeze a lovely big, fluffy coat into a waterproof suit. So … vest, T shirt, long sleeved T shirt and a fleece/jumper is great. No jeans please just joggers or leggings. Warm socks and a woolly hat are also great additions.

Thanks for all you support. Stay safe and have a super half term break.

We look forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 2nd November at 9am.