The first topic for the Spring term is called Off with her head! What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? Was she really that bad? We will travel back in time to the 1500s and meet the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history.

This week, we started learning about Henry VIII and wrote his biography. We collected snippets of information from a range of sources, including the web and books. We used this information to make brief, effective notes for a short biography aimed at children of their age.




We also looked at his portraits and discussed what messages he was trying to portray about his power, strength and wealth. We looked at portraits by Hans Holbein and learnt about this artist. We then created a portrait of Henry VIII.

In PE, Maple class had their first fitness session with Mr Edwards. Pupils took part in a range of fitness challenges and recorded their scores. The objective was to develop an awareness of what their bodies are capable of.

Year 5s had their first dance session, which they enjoyed and learnt essential dance skills. ! Year 4s will have their dance sessions in the Summer term.

In our science lesson, we did an investigation to see if we could measure gas. We filled pots with different fizzy drinks, weighed them, gave them a little shake and then weighed them again. We discovered that when we released the bubbles of carbon dioxide, the liquids were indeed a little lighter. We also found that some drinks seem to have more carbon dioxide than others. Perhaps good to know if we want a really fizzy drink!



We also observed ‘dancing raisins’! We dropped a few raisins in lemonade. The carbon dioxide surrounded the raisin, which caused it to lift to the surface. When the bubbles popped, the raisin sank again. This repeated a few times. For some raisins, they kept dancing for a long time!


In our forest session we learnt about how to adapt shelters in order to improve survival skills!

What a busy and exciting week!