This week, in English, we learned about the gladiators. As a result, we researched and produced fantastic non-chronological reports about the gladiators. Our reports had features such as: title, introduction with a rhetorical question, subheadings (Lifestyle, Food and drinks, Exercise and training, Armour, Combat and weapons) and they were full of interesting facts. They were written in the past tense and in the 3rd person. Children also impressed with the use of their relative clauses to add extra detail.






In Computing, we learnt about real and fake news! Ask them about the tree octopus!


In Art, we experimented with different materials and techniques. The outcome was absolutely beautiful – our moonlight trees!

















In Music, we kept on rehearsing our Harvest song and the one we have chosen to perform in front of our special guests (teachers from our Erasmus project) on Monday the 1st November.









On Thursday, we had an online meeting with our penpals in Germany, in which we had the opportunity to ‘meet’ them, sing and┬árespond to their questions. We also received our first letters!









In response to their letters, we wrote our own letters to them. We answered their questions and we talked about our best holiday! We were definitely impressed with their English!