In English this week, we have been continuing to enjoy our book ‘Where the Wild things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We have focused on the middle of the story where Max and the Wild Things have a Wild Rumpus! We thought of lots of amazing descriptive words and phrases to describe the excitement.  We then looked at the poem ‘Celebration’ by Alonzo Lopez. We used this as a model in order to write our own poems.

In Music, we have worked in small groups to compose a piece of ‘a capella’ music that could be used to describe the Wild Rumpus! We used singing, shouting, sound effects using voices, clapping, banging, scraping, and beatboxing. We then used symbols to record our compositions in our books. We are looking forward to practising and performing them next week, and then share them with our families on Seesaw.

In Maths our Year 1’s have been learning more about fractions and deepening their understanding of halves and quarters of shapes. They have been working hard on recognising when parts of the shape or equal or unequal.  Our Year 2’s have been working hard on learning how to tell the time. First, they looked at o’clock and half past,  and then they used their knowledge of fractions to then work out how to tell the time ‘quarter past’ and quarter to’.


In Geography, we are learning about where we live in the world.  This week was all about the UK. We went on a fact hunt outside to find out all the different countries of the UK, their capital cities and what they are famous for.


In Science, we learnt about recycling and what happens when our rubbish is collected.  We then created a story map with pictures to explain the process.


In RE, we are learning about special books. This week we looked at the Jewish faith and learnt about their holy book, The Torah.  We learnt that the Torah is a scroll containing lots of rules for Jewish people so that they follow  God’s message.   We learnt that these messages were told to Moses from God, so that he could spread these messages.  The Torah is like a scroll and it is written in Hebrew. The Sefer Torah is so special that it has to be handwritten by a highly trained person called a scribe, so that the book is Kosher.  The Sefer Torah is kept in a special cupboard called an Ark inside a synagogue. Out of respect, it shouldn’t be touched when it is being read, so the reader uses a special stick called a Yad.  We made our own scrolls with these facts inside.