What a week! A very busy week, a very exciting week but a very warm week as well!

In Computing, the pupils presented their PowerPoint presentations on our History topic: Ancient Egypt to their classmates and they self evaluated them against success criteria! Presenting is a very important skill and it was great to see that children actually enjoyed presenting to the class, in a clear and loud manner! They were proud of their presentations and all the features they included in them!

In Music, they enjoyed their last ukulele session! They can now use three or four chords to accompany a variety of songs.

In Maths, they solved problems including decimals!

In English, the children wrote beautiful balanced arguments on whether primary-aged children should have homework! Once again, they impressed with their fronted adverbials and their reasons for and against the argument.



In PE, they played a variety of team games, and by the end of the lesson, they played a great game of dodgeball.


In our science lesson, we learnt about separating mixtures.  We had sand, paperclips, salt, rice and raisins in a bottle and we had to try different processes in order to separate them. We started with sieving, using magnetism, filtration and then evaporation.

In our last forest session, we toasted marshmallows on the fire!



Needless to mention that on Tuesday, we all enjoyed our Sports Day activities and loved the theatrical show in the afternoon!