15.9.2023 – Welcome to Maple class

Welcome to Maple class.  You will be glad to read that children have settled in quickly and they are working hard and enthusiastically.

This week, we had our first Yoga session – how calming and relaxing it was. We practised the ‘sun sequence’ performing different postures, we enjoyed the magical sound of the ‘rainstick game’  and relaxed with the ‘ladybird relaxation game’.

We also had our second Hockey lesson – Mrs Sassis is definitely learning with us! We recapped dribbling and  practised sending and receiving the ball with control under pressure. Receiving the ball is important so that we control it, maintain possession and pass it quickly!

This week, in History, we learnt about crime and punishment in Roman Britain. In English, we looked at the features of instructional texts and wrote a Roman recipe and how to make a Roman curse tablet. Did you know that people made curse tablets with the name of the person who had committed the crime and asked the gods to punish them? We impressed with the knowledge that we gained but also with the use of fronted adverbials in our work!


In our science class, we have started our topic about ‘life cycles’.  Through hands-on dissection, we unveiled the intricate components of plant reproduction, including the anther, filament, stigma, style, and ovary. Additionally, we have learnt about self-replicating plants, discovering their unique methods, like tubers in potatoes and runners in strawberries.

In music, we have started to explore the fusion of sound and colour. We’ve immersed ourselves in pieces of music where composers aimed to evoke a sense of colour through music. In groups, we then chose a colour and tried to convey that sound through tuned and untuned percussion. Please take a look on Seesaw and enjoy our compositions!


Have a lovely weekend.