Our week started with lots of snow and remote learning! Our pupils shared with us the hours of fun they had with the snow,  building snowmen, having snow ball fights.

On Monday, our children read about the history of some Christmas traditions, answered to questions with reference to the text and created beautiful mind maps with Christmas traditions, in preparation for our historical non-chronological reports on Christmas traditions.

In class, on Tuesday, we navigated simple websites and used search engines to research different Christmas traditions, in order to plan our non-chronological reports.

Our non-chronological reports were just brilliant. They had many features such as title, subtitles, introduction, fact boxes, they were written in the third person and most importantly they were full of interesting facts!

In PE, on Tuesday, we worked on our skills and actions taught recently, observed and provided feedback.


In PSHE, we looked at fake news and profiles and understood that the information we see online is not always true or accurate. We then discussed in our groups how to spot fake news.

In RE, we found out about some of the key features of the nativity story and expressed what we know about the nativity story by writing our own poems! What can I say? Maple class has talent!



We have been working so hard! Needless to mention the fun we had at the panto and the variety of brilliant activities during the golden morning! A busy and fun week – as always!