17.5.2024 Adventure stories, adventures on stage!

This week, Maple class pupils wrote amazing adventure stories. They charted the character’s journey from their safe and predictable everyday life to a dangerous and volatile cliffhanger, so that they can create engaging and exciting storylines. By increasing and decreasing the level of tension in their story plots, they maintained the reader’s interest.

In Maths, children ordered, compared and rounded decimals. They also had a lesson on how they can use a bank account, so that they understand the reasons for keeping money in a bank account, why people
choose and use different personal bank accounts and how a bank account can make managing money safer and easier. The main activity was to work creatively and collaboratively in small groups, to consider children’s personal circumstances before deciding what bank account would suit their requirements best and present their ideas in class.

In our science lesson last week, we learned about Sir Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of penicillin. Fleming had left samples out in his laboratory before going on holiday. Upon his return, he noticed that bacteria in the samples had been destroyed by an antibacterial agent produced by mould. This observation led to the realisation that many infections could be treated with this antibacterial agent, now known as the antibiotic penicillin.  This week, we have begun an experiment to grow our own mould and investigate the best conditions for its growth. Using slices of bread, the children are experimenting with different variables. Some are using varying amounts of water to encourage different types of mould growth, while others are placing the bread in different locations to observe how environmental factors affect mould development.

In our art lesson this week, we delved into the techniques of drawing a side profile, using guidelines to achieve accurate proportions and symmetry. Our inspiration came from the iconic profile of a pharaoh, which allowed us to incorporate elements of ancient Egyptian art into our work.



We have also been very busy preparing our play on Ancient Egyptians! We have been working hard to develop and improve our dramatic skills, by exploring our voices, movements, gestures and facial expressions. Furthermore, we have been working hard to sing with accurate pitching and appropriate style. We are so looking forward to performing our play to you!