Wow we have been busy these past few weeks!

The children are enjoying their new Geography topic about South America and have so far found out about countries, climate types and mountains.

They have been using the internet to research rainforests in computing and celebrating differences in PHSE. In English they had tremendous fun interviewing each other in order to write biographies of their class mates.  The resulting pieces of writing were great and the children embraced the writing style with enthusiasm!

In Maths they have revisited fact families to help with inverse calculations before moving on to have a bit of fun looking at the area of rectilinear shapes.

Science has been all about plants and how they make their own food and they are beginning to correctly use scientific  vocabulary such as energy, photosynthesis, evaporation, chlorophyll and oxygen.

We wore odd socks to raise the profile of antibullying and crazy hair to support children in need.

We are also busy making some special Christmas tree decorations to sell at the Christmas bazaar on Friday so look out for the stall and remember to come round and buy your handmade personal decoration and support the Friends in supporting us!