This week, In English, our pupils wrote another short story, this time taking place in a vibrant garden. They impressed with the similes and noun phrases they used to describe the garden and the fronted adverbials to start some sentences.


In Maths, our pupils calculated fractions of amounts and quantities and solved problems – maths superstars.

In PE on Tuesday, children developed their teamwork skills through games.

In Dance, Year 5 pupils worked on freestyle dance movements.

Our PE morning training session with our mothers was fun, fun, fun!

In Art, we created a portrait of Florence Nightingale. Some fact files and portraits decorate one school board to celebrate the International Women’s Day and recognise the achieving women in History.



In RE, we researched the traditions in UK, in preparation for our online meeting with the partner schools on the 30th March.

We also started painting a beautiful picture with Easter flowers (tulips) linked to our RE learning, while practising different art skills.

As it was our Science week, we joined the fun and played quizzes, games and challenges every day, such as the Odd One Out and the Zoom In / Out! Children had the opportunity to discuss in teams and explain their reasoning – they were actually very good.

In our science topic of ‘Teeth and Digestion’, we looked at the teeth and diets of animals. We matched photos of  poo to correct animal. Of course it was great fun when we saw how poo was made!  The children also planned their own investigation around the question ‘Why do animals eat different things?’ The children wanted to investigate things like ‘Do venomous snakes use their canine teeth for eating or just for injecting venom?’ ‘Do hedgehogs prefer plant food or meat?’ ‘Do all plants help cats’ digestive systems or just grass?’ Amazing scientists!



In our Music lesson, we were working on our compositions to play alongside Bon Jovi’s song ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. We had our first lesson in exploring notation – a fantastic effort!