This week, in English, pupils wrote instructional texts (recipes) and they impressed with their use of fronted adverbials and noun phrases! Their recipes had many features, including: title, introduction with a rhetorical question to address the audience, subtitles, use of bullet points or numbers to list their instructions or ingredients.

Maple class children also impressed in Art. They made beautiful Christmas decorations (you will have to wait to see them) and wonderful ‘full moon’ paintings. They improved their art skills, while experimenting with different techniques using water colours!






















In PSHE we have been learning about accepting differences with each other. We played a game that demonstrated how  people feel when others come into their personal space, and explored ways to communicate those feelings effectively.



In Maths we have been exploring square and cube numbers.



In music we have looked at the composer Aaron Copland and listened to his piece called ‘Hoe-down’. We have started to look at the structure of the piece and practised our cowboy/cowgirl actions; keeping in time to the beat!


Finally, on Friday we showed off our ‘crazy hair’ to raise money for Children in Need!