19.11.2023 – Here we are presenting!

What a colourful week!

This week, in English, the children impressed with their setting descriptions. They wrote long sentences using expanded noun phrases and their senses to describe their settings but they also wrote short sentences and used repetition to build suspense. The outcome was purely beautiful!

In Maths, pupils have been learning how to multiply 3 numbers and how to use the multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 to multiply numbers.  They are also using different maths applications and platforms to improve their mental fluency skills and revise work taught in class.

In Geography, they wrote amazing paragraphs about the physical and human features of a particular country. How interesting it was reading their work! This week, they had the opportunity to share the interesting information they had researched to the rest of the class. Standing in front of an audience and presenting confidently in a clear and loud manner is not an easy task! The feedback was that they find it stressful but it was easier this time, as it was the second time they presented! Nevertheless, children were brilliant and definitely improved since their last time!

In our recent science lessons, we’ve been focusing on the study of habitats, with this week’s attention directed towards British plants. The initial step involved classifying different plant species based on specific characteristics, such as distinguishing between flowering plants and those with stalks.  The children engaged in a meticulous process of researching and categorising various plant species, gaining insights into the distinguishing features. Their findings were then represented into eye-catching posters, displaying this wonderful information.


In our music lessons we are focusing on the piece of music called Kisne Banaaya. This song from India and Pakistan explores how our world, and the different creatures that inhabit it, came into existence. The focus this week was on developing the ability to read sheet music from the musical stave and translate this information onto the corresponding piano keys.



Last but not least, children are improving on their sewing skills! This week, children have been creating cases for different reasons. They have been experimenting with different stitches and they have been decorating their cases with a variety of materials!

Have a lovely weekend!