Wow the weeks are certainly flying by and Lime class are flying high with their learning too.

This week we have been delighted to be looking after Cookie and Snowy.

We have learnt to write Haiku poems about prey and predators and, my word, they are certainly good!

In order to write Haiku poems we have had to carefully count syllables and this skill will help us with our spelling.

Maths has been all about times tables – 3, 4, 6 and 8 to be precise. We have learnt about the relationship between the 4 and 8 times table and the 3 and 6 times table and how this can help us.

In Geography we learnt about keys and symbols, and drew a map of an imaginary village after looking at a map of Little Hadham.  We also discussed the difference between human and physical features.

Art this week was all about our Christmas tree decorations for the school bazaar so we will keep those a secret for now…….Shhh!

In music we danced to the reggae beat and heard more tracks from Bob Marley and the Wailers,  we also practised singing three little birds – which we love.

Computing saw us learning about the technology, the world wide web and what the future might hold in the way of robots.

Science found us looking back in time at prehistoric predators and learning how fossils are made.

Finally, we have let off steam in gymnastics and forest and have had some giggles with our crazy hair for children in need.

Have a lovely weekend!