19.4.2024 How much do you know about Ancient Egyptians?

Welcome back and let us introduce you to our new, exciting topic: Ancient Egyptians.  You will be impressed to know that our class already started their amazing journey in the interesting world of Ancient Egyptians. Children have already located the ancient Egyptians in time and place and placed key events from the Ancient Egyptian period on a timeline.

This week, children had the opportunity to participate in an online workshop on Ancient Egypt, which was delivered by the British Museum. Children had the opportunity to play interactive games, study hieroglyphs and ancient Egyptian objects about afterlife, see some impressive objects that are in the British museum and so much more.

Children also  researched and found out about ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Ancient Egyptians had over 2000 gods and goddesses. Each god or goddess looked after a specific aspect of life. The ancient Egyptians built temples to honour the gods and to pray  for everything they needed, give offerings, trade with other people and meet with friends. Children had the opportunity to write a description of a god in style of a speech, adding their personal style and a sense of humour.

In Art, children explored historical vase designs, as we will be designing and making our own vases, inspired by the Ancient Egyptians. Children firstly practised drawing techniques  such as hatching, cross hatching and stippling and then made quick observational sketches of an Ancient Egyptian vase that they chose.



In our science lesson, we have started to explore the theme of “Changes and Reproduction.” We started by building on our knowledge of life cycles and then researched into the stages of human life, from gestation to old age. One of the most engaging parts of our lessons was when the children shared their own experiences of change since starting school, discussing physical, emotional, and academic growth. Through these discussions, students gained a deeper understanding of human development and the diverse experiences we all go through.