In English this week, we are reading a beautiful book called ‘The Bear and the Piano’ by David Litchfield. At the beginning of the week, the children used clues from the book and made predictions about the story.  During the week, we focused on how to use contracted verbs like ‘don’t’ and expanded noun phrases like ‘the big, bright city’ and applied these skills to our writing. We wrote a letter to the Bear to be brave, and follow his dreams of being a pianist in the big city, and to our delight, he does!

Year 1’s have been busy practising their Common Exception Words in very creative ways during their independent learning time!

In maths, the Year 1 children have been looking at place value and counting in 10s up to and across 100.  They have represented these numbers using bead strings, base 10 equipment, place cards, and coins. In year 2, the children have been looking closely at how to represent information on a pictogram, and how to interpret information from pictograms.

In music, we have continued to learn our minibeast song. We became conductors, and learnt how to conduct in 4/4 time. We then became butterflies, centipedes, spiders and worms and choreographed dance moves for two bars of 4/4 time.


In computing, we have learnt how to save and open a Powerpoint presentation and have started designing slides to represent information all about ourselves!


In our forest session, we enjoyed looking for minibeasts! We found moths, centipedes, woodlice and spiders. One pupil said, ‘Even though I am scared of spiders, I managed to catch one’. Another pupil found a bee on the floor. Fearing the worse, we scooped it up and carefully put it on to a saucer of sugar water. Miraculously, it started to wiggle and have a drink. Hopefully the bee will be on the mend soon.