Nice to meet you, Elfy!

On Monday and Tuesday, we welcomed the lovely Mrs Martin to come and play with us in the unit! We got up to lots of things…

In our maths lessons we have been learning about positional language. We have used the words ‘on’, ‘next to’, ‘under’, ‘behind’ and ‘in front’ to describe its position.  We had great fun finding and describing the positions of our ‘Mini Mes’!

In our forest session we were looking for lots of different shapes. We found circles, rectangles, squares and triangles!


We also worked on some brilliant snowman pictures complete with captions! Saplings have been working really hard on their mark making skills, and enjoyed creating circular shapes with the painting equipment, and adding extra details. Ash class writing has really blown us all away lately! Every visitor that comes to see us work is totally wowed by our phonics! We have been going over some of our trickier special friends lately; sh th ch ng and nk. It would be helpful for you to keep these sounds in mind for extra practice as and when they arise in your story books at home. Thank you for your continued support with this!

On Wednesday, we learnt a new word… ‘cooperation’! We thought about how working together can help us to achieve goals and come up with new ideas! The children took to this concept wonderfully and they enjoyed exploring puzzle building together, joint artwork and teamwork games.

There was such a buzz on Thursday morning for our Learning Together Morning! Thank you so much to all those who were able to attend! The children got busy with their scissor skills to create paper chains to decorate our classroom and they really loved having their grown ups there to share this time with.

We also happened to notice that a certain little Elf had brought us a Christmas tree for our classroom! The children loved meeting the Elf, and they decided to name them ‘Elfy’. They made lots of cards and letters for Elfy to take to Father Christmas.  We hope that Elfy doesn’t cause too much mischief for us… we’ll have to wait and see!

As if our week wasn’t exciting enough, we noticed that our jewel jar was full to the brim! So, for our jewel jar treat we had a fun session with the parachute. We played lots of games, and especially loved bouncing the balls on the parachute and seeing them fly high into the air!