What a busy week!

In English, we got inspired by the book ‘Hidden Figures’ and wrote formal and informal letters.

In Maths, the Year 5s converted mixed numbers to improper fractions and worked on number sequences. The Year 4s identified fractions in diagrams and counted in fractions.

In Art, we developed ideas for an abstract work of art inspired by Kandinsky and created beautiful art work with interesting meanings and symbolism!

In Science, we identified the effects of friction acting between two surfaces. For our scientific experiment, we needed: a forcemeter, different surfaces (e.g. wooden table, carpeted floor and tarmac) and a lunchbox. We found out that the surface with the lowest was friction was the desk and surface with the the highest friction was the carpet in our classroom. Our experiment was fair because we used the same forcemeter and the same object, we tested each surface many times and we only changed one thing (surfaces – independent variable).

We also worked on posters and presentations on ‘Simple ways to protect the environment’ using the Microsoft packages, in preparation for our environmental online meeting with the partner schools in February.

A big thank you to the parents, who joined us on Tuesday morning (Learning Together Morning) and read to our children.