Pancake Day

It was lovely welcoming the children back this week! We started our new book which takes place in France. We are holding back the text and reading our book little by little, so we won’t give the name away just yet. However, the children have loved learning about France and writing sentences about things they can see in one of the pictures.


We had a look at the main character, Belle, in the book. We learned about her most treasured possessions, so we had a think about what our treasured possessions are too.


Year 2 children used a poem called ‘Looking Out My Window’ to inspire them to write their own poems based on the things they could see in our story picture. We thought they would draw further writing inspiration by visiting the beautiful fields next to the school. Once outside, the children listed the things they could see or hear and, once back in class, used these things to either write sentences or poems. We have been so impressed with the beautiful writing this inspired!




In maths, we have been enjoying playing games whilst learning. Year 1’s have been grouping tens and ones and Year 2’s have been practising 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


In computing, we have started to look at ‘coding a story’ and have explored making instructions on Scratch.



In Science, we began looking at baby animals and comparing these to what they look like when fully grown. We found out that Amphibians and Fish look very different from their offspring. We will focus on animal growth, including what animals eat as well where our food comes from, this half-term.

On Tuesday we learnt all about Pancake Day as part of our D&T unit on food. We then thought it would be a fabulous opportunity to make pancakes, so we did just that! The children helped measure out all the ingredients and mix the batter thoroughly. Mrs Samuels then made the pancakes on a portable hob to ensure that children were kept safe. We provided the children with sugar and lemons to top their pancakes with and many told us they had never tried this before which was a surprise! We finished the day with a very quick but enjoyable pancake race in the playground.

For this half term, we will be looking after the school guinea pigs. We are really looking forward to caring for them and perhaps they will help us with our work too!