This week, in English, we wrote  a letter in role of Khufu (who was a nervous pharaoh) to his priest. We described our fears and worries about life after death.  Did you know? Ancient Egyptians believed that their souls went on a journey to the underworld, where they would be judged by Anubis, who was the god of the underworld. If they were judged to be a good person, their soul would be reunited with their body and live in paradise for eternity.


In Maths, we subtracted decimals with the same and different decimal places and solved problems.

In Art, children followed instructions and practised their drawing skills. They drew a crown to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and included few facts on the postcards. Both postcards (produced by the children) will be handed to the Coordinators and teachers of the Erasmus+ ‘Cinderella – Discovering values’ project.


Thank you to the dads who managed to join us on Tuesday morning! We enjoyed our Boxexercise session with you!