20th October

Well, it was short but amazing.

We have done lots of history and concluded our topic on the ancient Maya by discussing why we thought that they abandoned their jungle cities all those years ago.  We also found out that the Maya did not disappear and that there are many Maya people still living in countries like Mexico and Guatemala today.

In gymnastics we created our own routines using the positions, rolls and movements we knew and then performed them for each other.

For our DT project we used our designs to create clay models of Mayan temples and then evaluated our finished products by discussing what we were most pleased with and what we would change.

For Science we observed and recorded the position of a shadow in a sunny spot over the course of a day.  We found out that the shadow moved according to the position of the sun and actually moved equal distances each hour.  Some of us suggested that we could use shadows to tell the time!

It was wonderful to see so many parents enjoying their children’s work on Wednesday. It really felt like a celebration of everything we have achieved together this term.

Have a lovely break and stay safe.