This week, in History, we learnt about Henry’s marriages! Groups were assigned one of Henry’s wives and the children were allowed time to carry out independent research on selected questions, using a range of historical resources. Children collected information about the six wives of Henry VIII, their character, their marriage to Henry VIII and their fate!

All children had the opportunity to work in groups to collect information and present their findings to the class: we practiced reading aloud and presenting in a clear, loud and confident voice!

We have also been working hard to produce beautiful work for our two new displays in our classroom: one with the biographies and portraits of Henry VIII from last week and one with the information we collected about the six wives.


In Art, we followed instructions and started drawing Tudor roses, which will soon decorate our new displays! We developed ideas through preliminary sketches and experimented with different techniques e.g. sketching, shading, different lines and shapes.



In English, we learnt more about Catherine of Aragon, her family and education. We performed scenes about her life in our drama session.   This inspired us to write fantastic play scripts in our English lesson.


In Maths, we have been writing equivalent fractions and in RE, we have been learning about key figures in the Jewish religion.

In PE, we developed our stamina and speed through various games and activities!

In our science lesson, we investigated how materials change state. We placed pieces of chocolate in three different temperatures of water and observed how long it took to melt. Of course we had to taste some chocolate too!



In our music lesson, we have been listening to ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers. We improvised and composed 4 bar rhythms, consisting of crotchets, quavers and rests.

We had lots of fun in the forest. The forest is rather muddy, so we found ways to make sure everyone can stay as safe as possible.



Busy, busy, busy and fun, fun, fun!