Let me just say that I am very happy to be back in Maple class!

This week, we finished reading our class reading book ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin, we wrote  book reviews and used relative clauses to add detail to our sentences. We also designed our own book covers!


In Maths, we multiplied numbers by 10 , 100 and 1000!

In Science, last week, we carried out a scientific experiment to investigate the effects of different liquids on our teeth. We used hard boiled eggs and a mixture of liquids (coca-cola, milk, vinegar, orange juice, water, coffee). We put each egg in a different liquid (this was the variable) and we left the eggs for five days! We found out that some drinks removed the outer layer of the egg shell, others discoloured or stained the egg shell, whereas two of them had no effect! This was a really interesting scientific investigation as it helped us to realise the effect each liquid has on our teeth.

On Tuesday, in PE, we worked in small teams, designed and led our own short warm-up routines. We then made simple judgments about our routines and suggested ways they could be improved.

The only sure thing is that we awlays work very hard and we hope that we have impressed you with our amazing work in our books!

Hope you all have a lovely half term!