Well what an end to the half term!

We have talked about, read about, written about and drawn ancient Greek soldiers.  Ask us about Hoplites, Psilloi,  Peltasts and Cavalry!

We have got soggy and muddy in the forest and sang our hearts out at the harvest festival.  We now have a new song to sing for our ERASMUS visitors called ‘let your spirit fly’ and we have learned to sign it too.

In Maths we have been busy adding and subtracting. We all know about using the column method and we are also learning to fully understand why and how we make all those exchanges because we can represent the calculations using place value charts and counters.

Our Greek Amphoras are coming along nicely – they need to dry thoroughly over the holidays and then be ready to paint with our special designs.  What would the Ancient Greeks have used to make their Amphoras? Can you remember?  Why are they such important historical artefacts?

Have a lovely break this half term whatever you may be doing.