Lime Class enjoyed being able to join an on line meeting with our partner schools in Poland, Greece, Italy and Spain in Monday 13th December.  We sang Christmas songs  to each other in different languages and wished each other a happy Christmas.

Our Science has been all about the human body, after learning about bones and muscles we found out about our digestive systems and drew them on a human skeleton so that we could see where they all fitted into our bodies.

We used watercolours to create some amazing pictures of birds of prey in flight and these have been made into a display in our classroom for everyone to enjoy.

In RE we continued our learning about religious events and festivals and began to learn about Sikhism and the importance of the 5 K’s so that we could understand why Sikh’s might celebrate the birthdays of the Gurus.

This week it was Christmas lunch and we all ate together in our classroom after rearranging the tables into a big circle so that we could see all of our friends at once!

After lunch we played some traditional party games like musical chairs, musical statues and charades and the we finished our afternoon by playing board and card games with each other which we all loved!  We played games like Ludo, Hangman, Boggle, Connect 4, Shut the box and Top trumps.

Happy Christmas everybody!!!