Welcome back! It is lovely having our pupils back! They definitely came back ready to learn!

This week, we read and discussed different Ancient Greek myths, we compared them, discussed similarities and differences, summarised them and wrote letters and diaries in role of the characters, .

In Maths, we added and subtracted decimal numbers with the same number of decimal places and solved money problems – ‘yummy’ problems about pizza and sweets offers!

In Science, we learnt about soluble and insoluble substances and tested some substances to see whether they would dissolve in liquid (water) to form a solution. We enjoyed setting the investigation and stirring the solutions!

In Art, we learnt about surrealism and the surrealist Salvador Dali. We then got inspired by The False Mirror, a surrealist painting by René Magritte (1928) and impressed our teacher with our amazing creations!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Please spread the news: our next ‘Learning Together Morning’ is next week, on Wednesday 26th April! We are looking forward to seeing you in the morning!