This week, we learnt about famous Black women, who made a difference in History.

We learnt about the life and work of Rosa Parks, a remarkable woman, who helped change the lives of millions of African Americans and the history of her country against racism.






We also learnt about Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson, two significant figures known as human computers because of the incredible calculations they did for NASA projects.

This week, we sang and sang and sang – and it sounds beautiful – every time! Please watch two of our videos in seesaw! Did you know that we are learning few verses in Spanish, in Italian and in Greek?






In PE, we enjoyed our last football session!







In PSHE, we gave examples of some key qualities of friendship and reflected on our own friendship qualities. We discussed about ’empathy’ and created our own jars of friendship with all the essentials!












In RE, Maple class pupils had the opportunity to visit a church – an online visit. They looked around, learnt about special objects and items that can be found in a church.










Hope you all have a lovely half term! Don’t forget to practise your songs !