Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely break with your families.

Our pupils were introduced to the new topic ‘Pharaohs’, they expressed what they already know and what they would like to find out, watched educational clips and gained knowledge on the different roles of the Ancient Egyptians.

In Maths, our pupils rounded, compared and ordered decimals as well as revised dividing numbers by 10.

In PE, on Tuesday, they enjoyed their first tennis session and they practised the forehand shot.

In Art, they followed instructions and practised the skills of drawing cartoon versions on an Ancient Egyptian Kind and Queen.

In Science we have started our topic of Living Things. We learnt about MRS GREN and discussed what all living things have in common.  This week we sorted and grouped living things using venn and carroll diagrams,  based on criteria such as habitat, appearance and diet. In English, the children researched an animal of their choice and produced a fact file.


In our forest session, we]were busy making forest monsters!


Have a lovely weekend!