This week in science, we have had lots of fun experimenting with torches. We have explored light and dark, and grouped materials using the vocabulary translucent, opaque and transparent.

We are continuing to enjoy our history topic about the Maya civilization and have found it really interesting to discover the roles of different people in the Mayan community. We have also been singing about the Mayans in music.

In Maths we have continued to learn about place value, some of us were even using roman numerals!

In English we ‘magpied’ words and phrases from our class text to create a powerful descriptive piece – the resulting writing gave us goosebumps!

Our computing lesson was all about being a good online citizen and we discussed ways to stay safe and be kind when we are communicating on the internet.

We have finished the week with our class councillor elections. We were so proud of everyone in Lime Class who stood up in front of the class to deliver their speech, all giving us fantastic reasons to vote for them.