This week started with us finishing and evaluating our products in D.T. We have learnt and used a variety of sewing and other skills in order to design and create small seasonal stockings.


We are sure that you will love our beautiful finished products as much as we do! Apparently, they need be filled with chocolates!

In Maths, we practised dividing 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.  In Science, we learnt about the process of sexual reproduction in animals.

In English, we impressed with our choice of vocabulary when we were describing Lady Macbeth, with evidence from the text! We then wrote amazing diary entries in the role of lady Macbeth revealing her true character, through her actions and feelings!

On Tuesday morning, we attended an online Cinderella meeting, in which the school captains of the partner schools introduced themselves and explained to us how they were elected democratically.



What a busy week – as always!

Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!